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Experienced and Reliable Local Solo Dog and Puppy Walker Since 2019

Trusted Local Pet Care


I’m Steve a mature and experienced solo dog and puppy walker. Your dog or puppy will be taken from your home for a secure on-lead walk for about half an hour to an hour around your local area in Coventry or near Coventry so there’s no need for them to travel anywhere in a car or van. This is ideal if your dog isn’t a good traveller. Walks are available even if you work from home, but need someone to take them out during the working day. for you 


Sometimes they can be a little shy and wary of new people, if that is the case with your dog, and I will be coming in to walk them when you’re not there  I will arrange to come and see them a few times when you’re at home, so they can get used to me while having you there to reassure them.


I’ve been walking dogs on the lead professionally since 2019 and I’m used to walking dogs of all sizes, and I’ve walked many dogs that pull on the lead.


If you need someone mature and reliable to walk your dog please get in touch with me by using the contact form, email address or Whats App link.
Read more about the benefits of solo dog walks for your dog and for you  in this blog post:


Instead of a walker, perhaps you’re looking for someone to come to your home and spend some time with your dog instead?



Dog Sitting



Regular pupdates via WhatsApp or email are available.
For all genuine enquiries, you can get in touch using the contact form, email direct to, by WhatsApp using the green WhatsApp button, or by text message to 07522279485