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This is Bertie the Russian Blue. Bertie is just one of my many repeat cat care clients.

Introduction To The Service
Since 2019, I have been the devoted human Daddy of my two cats, Sally and Dotty, who are sisters from the same litter. Since then I  have also operated a reputable cat-sitting service, which provides daily care visits for other cats in their owners’ absence. This service has gained such popularity that numerous clients consistently rely on me to look after their cats during their absence. This service provides the perfect solution to guarantee that your cat or cats are well-nourished, looked after, and remain content and fulfilled while you’re away. My cat care visiting service is customized to cater to your cat’s daily needs, while also offering the necessary companionship and love. Additionally, this service acts as an ideal alternative to a cattery, which many cats find unsettling, ensuring they remain at ease in their familiar surroundings.
What Happens On Each Visit?
On each visit, I will ensure your cats are fed as per your guidelines and given fresh water every day. For indoor cats with litter trays, I will remove solids daily and change the litter entirely at least once a week. Furthermore, should they be approachable and not overly timid, they will be lavished with ample strokes and attention. It brings me immense satisfaction to gradually gain a shy cat’s trust across successive bookings until they are entirely at ease with my presence.
How Much Does It Cost Per Visit?
Cat Care Visits: from £10.00 – £15.00 per visit depending on how far away from me you live. The price is the same irrespective of the number of cats you have.
Will There Be An Initial Face To Face Meeting Before The Booking Starts?
Before any initial booking, we’ll arrange a face-to-face meeting at your home to chat about various aspects of the care to be carried out and so that keys to your property can be obtained etc. Once we’ve established a working relationship, short-notice bookings may be possible.
Regular updates are always available via email or WhatsApp.
You can get in touch using the contact form, emailing directly to info@tcpetcare.co.uk, or by WhatsApp using the green WhatsApp button,
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