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Ensuring Your Cats Are Being Kept Purrfectly Happy At Home While You're Away on Holiday or on Business Since 2019

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I’m Steve and since 2019 I’ve been caring for my own two cats Sally & Dotty and also lots of other people’s cats with my popular care visits to cats & kittens at their own homes while their usual human staff are away on holiday or business, with many clients repeat booking me to come and look after their cats time after time.
Life can get busy, and we can’t always be there to feed and care for or cats daily ourselves. That’s where I come in. I’m the purrfect solution for ensuring your cat or cats are well cared for fed and kept happy and content when you’re away from home for any reason. My cat feeding and care visiting service is designed to cater to your cat’s daily feeding needs and provide them with the attention and care they deserve. It’s also a great alternative to putting them in a cattery when you’re away, as going into a cattery can often be unsettling for them.
On each visit, they’ll be fed as per your instructions and given fresh water to drink. every day. If they’re indoor cats with litter trays the solids will be scooped out daily and the litter will be completely changed out for fresh litter at least once a week, They’ll also get lots of strokes and fusses from me if they’re not too shy and let me. One of my greatest pleasures is gradually over time and sometimes several bookings getting a shy cat to trust me and accept fusses from me.


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