My Name’s Steve & This Is Tcpetcare

Hi, I’m Steve: A Trusted Local Pet Carer


Trusted Local Pet Carer


Hi, I’m Steve Frost owner of Tcpetcare.. Before starting the business I’d spent a number of years caring for my dad Cliff as we lived with his increasingly worsening Vascular Dementia from shortly after my mums death in 2013 to his own death in 2019. 
After dad died I adopted two then 10-week-old litter sister kittens that I named Sally and Dotty. 

My Commitment to You and Your Pets

I understand the close bond between pets and their humans, and so my mission is to provide top-tier pet care that reflects the love and understanding you and I both have for our non human family members.

Interesting Fact About Me

I was born in Coventry in January 1964. I left school at 16 with no formal qualifications to speak of. So in my mid forties I set myself a goal to get a university degree by the time I was 50. I’m proud to say I achieved that goal in 2014 the year I turned 50 when I was awarded a BA(Hons) History degree from The Open University,